Price list

Private Tours


Here is a list of my prices:

Sightseeing & Visitor care:

€ 180 (2 hours)

€   45 (per additional 1/2 hour or part thereof)

Special Tours: Upon request

Children’s Tours: Upon request

The flat rates cove

  • max. 2-hour tour, even if you only book 1 hour, as the
    morning/afternoon/evening has been reserved exclusively for you, making
    it impossible for me to take bookings for any other guided
    tour/scavenger hunt/corporate event/Christmas party on this
  • Groups of 1-10, larger groups on request!

and include

  • my
    costs & expenses for correspondence, planning and preparing your
    tour, making the booking for the group at the various museums,
    accreditations, further training, book-keeping, …
  • my regular remittances to the Austrian tax office and my social security contributions
  • my fee

  • no entrance fees, bicycle hire, public transport or food and beverages consumed during the tour or events
  • no
    value added tax (pursuant to the Value Added Tax Act 1994 § 6 para. 1
    line 27), as I am registered as a small business. There are no
    additional fees or taxes

I can also advise you about the cheapest options for cycle hire and using various forms of transport.


Scavenger hunt

€ 390 for 1-4 teams and a maximum of 20 participants

This includes:

  • 1-4 x questionnaire for ~2 hours of guessing games through the historic centre of Vienna
  • 1-4 x city map, writing material, craft material
  • Evaluation of the results at the end of the scavenger hunt
  • Certificates for all members of the group
  • Announcement of the results and handing out the certificates
  • Lots of fun!

€ 10 per each additional participant

€ 20 per each additional team

€ 50 surcharge for each additional “action” station

€ 90 surcharge for a special hunt

Perfect for groups up to ~15 teams resp. ~80 participants!


  Thank you for taking time to write this wonderful review!
I loved guiding you, it was a real pleasure.
Hoping to see you again very soon!
Kindest regards,
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Mag. Helga Fülöp
Staatlich geprüfte Fremdenführerin
Wehlistraße 154/2
A-1020 Wien
Telefon: +43 699 1075 48 94