• Comfortable start: I’ll pick you from your hotel at the time you choose.
  • Customized schedule: choose your own itinerary based on your interests
  • A lot of fun: Enjoy your precious time Fully licensed. Enthusiastic. Entertaining. Rewarding.
  • Brush-up your German (in a very easy-going, entertaining way!!!) or let me help you: I’m a native German speaker and more than willing to teach you some basics (how to order a cup of coffee, how to ask for the bill and tip the waiters,  …) or to translate.
  • Get the number and duration of stops needed (restrooms, coffee-to-go, pics, …) without losing time waiting for other travellers.
  • If your feet should be in a need of a break, we can continue the conversation over a cup of coffee or some ice cream, anytime during the tour!
  • Skip-the-line without pre-booking the tickets: Enjoy fast-track entry to the attractions, museums, galleries … that you and your family & friends would like to see at the time you choose, even spontaneously (jet-lag, mood, weather … sometimes turn out differently than expected)
  • Ask as many questions as you wish and receive special attention, while progressing at your own pace!
  • Benefit from my experience: over the past 20years, I accumulated a lot of in-depth knowledge on numerous particular subjects.
  • Easy booking & cancellation policy: just send me an e-mail in time or phone me!


  • 2 hours private tour (1-10 participants): € 200
  • 2,5 hours private tour (1-10 participants): € 230
  • 3 hours private tour (1-10 participants): € 255
  • Private day tour (2,5h morning + 2,5h afternoon, 1-10 participants): € 425
  • Private day tour (3h morning + 3h afternoon, 1-10 participants): € 460
If you book 3 tours or more:
  • € 200,–/tour (2,5 hours, 1-10 participants)
  • 230,–/tour (3 hours, 1-10 participants)
Larger groups: please send me an e-mail or phone me!


The flat rates apply to the outlined duration of each guided tour. Please note that tours of 1 or 1 ½ hours are classed as being a half day and are charged accordingly, as the morning / afternoon / evening has been reserved exclusively for you, making it impossible for me to take bookings for any other guided tour / scavenger hunt / corporate event / Christmas party on this half-day / evening.


All flat rates include

  • my costs & expenses for correspondence, planning and preparing your tour, making the booking for the group at the various museums, accreditations, further training, book-keeping, …
  • my regular remittances to the Austrian tax office and my social security contributions
  • safeguarding operations in the event of possible future loss of income due to natural disasters or other extraordinary events (pandemics, wars, terrorist attacks, …)
  • my income
  • no entrance fees, bicycle hire, public transport or
    food and beverages consumed during the tour or events
  • no value added tax (pursuant to the Value Added Tax
    Act 1994 § 6 para. 1 line 27), as I am registered as a small business.
    There are no additional fees or taxes added.


How to keep spending on entrance fees and optional additional expenses to a minimum while soaking up an extraordinary amount of culture with maximum enjoyment:

  • Combined Ticket Albertina + Upper Belvedere + KHM + MAK + MUMOK + NHM + State Hall of the Austrian National Library + Technisches Museum Wien: Bundesmuseen Card
  • Combined Ticket KHM + Imperial Treasury + Imperial Carriage Museum + Weltmuseum Wien + Theatermuseum + Schloss Ambras Innsbruck + Theseustempel: Annual Ticket KHM
  • Combined Ticket KHM + Imperial Treasury: Treasures of the Habsburgs
  • Combined Ticket Weltmuseum Wien + Imperial Armory + Collection of Historic Musical Instruments: Weltmuseum Wien
  • Combined Ticket Schönbrunn Palace + Imperial Apartements in the Hofburg + Sisi Museum + Imperial Silver Collection + Hofmobiliendepot.Möbel Museum Wien: Sisi Ticket
  • Combined Ticket Giant Ferris Wheel + Schönbrunn Zoo: Combined Tickets
  • Combined Ticket KunstHausWien.Museum Hundertwasser + Leopoldmuseum: Combined Tickets
  • Discounted Admission between Leopoldmuseum / Viktor Frankl Museum / Jewish Museum + Sigmund Freud Museum: Museum-Partnership
  • Discounted admission for children / best-agers / groups: on demand

Or bring your own museumpass(es)!


  • Bicycle-Hire (adults): € 19 / bike (high quality bikes)
  • Bicycle-Hire (children): € 13 / bike (high quality bikes)

Or bring your own bicycle!

Or bring your annual pass!

  • Limousine / minivan / motor coach + driver for 1/2/3 hours: on demand

Or bring your own vehicle!



€ 390 for 1-4 teams and 1-20 participants (2+1 hour)

This includes:

  • 1-4 x questionnaire for ~2 hours of guessing games through the
    historic centre of Vienna
  • 1-4 x city map, writing material, craft material
  • Evaluation of the results at the end of the scavenger hunt
  • Certificates for all members of the group
  • Announcement of the results and handing out the certificates
  • Lots of fun!

€ 10 per each additional participant

€ 20 per each additional team

€ 90 surcharge for a special hunt


Perfect duration: 3 hours in total (2 hours interactive discovery tour + 1 hour evaluation & announcement of the results)


Perfect team-size: ~4 participants / team

Perfect for groups of ~3-8 teams resp. ~15-40 participants!


In order to ensure that your discovery tour in my company will be as successful as possible for both sides, I ask you to observe the following rules: 

The agreed date for the tour is exclusively reserved for you. It may, of course, be the case that something happens and you are unable to participate in your tour:


  • If I receive the corresponding cancellation, in writing, no later than 14 days before the engagement, no cancellation fees will be charged.
  • If cancellation is received between 14 and 3 days before the engagement, 50% of the applicable tourist guide fees will be charged.
  • If cancellation is received less than 72 hours before the agreed engagement, or if on the day of your tour you do not show up without prior cancellation, I take the liberty of billing the full (100%) tourist guide fee applicable.


Please note that the day of cancellation and the agreed day of the tour are included in the time calculations mentioned above.


All cancellation fees are flat-rate penalties and must be paid regardless of fault or any damages incurred. Furthermore, applicable cancellation fees must be paid separately for each cancelled tour.


Bad weather is no reason for cancellation!

The tours take place throughout the year come rain or shine, heatwave or snowstorm. I don’t like to freeze, get drenched or melt either, so be assured that I’m always prepared to adjust the tours for your comfort (as well as my own!), whether it’s ducking into the historic covered passages to escape the rain, an unexpected stop for ice cream, or warming our hands and tummies with a mug of Glühwein!


You’ve missed the subway by the skin of your teeth, you’ve got stuck in a traffic jam or are unable to find a parking space?

In the case of delays, I willingly wait for ½ an hour (30 minutes) at the agreed meeting point. I would VERY much appreciate a short message (call or text message: Mobile phone 0043/699/10754894).

I always strive to be at the meeting point a few minutes before the agreed time. However, should it be the case that I am for some reason slightly delayed, I kindly ask you to wait 15 minutes. If you provide me with your mobile telephone number, I will of course, inform you of my delay (by text message).

Waiting times will be included in the duration of the tour.


In the unlikely event that, contrary to expectation, I cannot fulfil my contract with you, I will organize a suitable equivalent, authorized substitute tour guide in accordance with the agreed terms. Should such a situation occur, you will be contacted (by SMS/text message) as early as possible.


  • Payment in cash: immediately after the tour, without deduction. An acknowledgement of payment will be provided.
  • Payment via bank transfer: within 10 days after the issuance of the invoice, without deduction. An invoice with all bank details will be provided, either at the end of the tour or by mail.

Cheques or credit cards are not accepted!

For late payments, a default interest rate of 1% per month (12% per year) will be charged.

Jurisdiction location is Vienna.


The organized itinerary depends on the size of the group. The smaller the group, the more personal and rewarding the tour will be for everyone!

I recommend:

  • guided bicycle tours should comprise of a maximum of ~15 participants
  • guided walking tours should comprise of a maximum of ~20 participants


For larger groups, upon demand, I will happily arrange the assistance of qualified colleagues as necessary (at the same terms and conditions mentioned above).


My identification marks are a bright red backpack (my mobile office), a bright red booklet folder (containing lots of historic graphical material about the city) and above all the “Austria Guides-badge” (the visible, highly official, Austrian Sign for the “License to Guide”).


  Thank you for taking time to write this wonderful review!
I loved guiding you, it was a real pleasure.
Hoping to see you again very soon!
Kindest regards,
Helga... read more



Mag.a Helga Fülöp
Telefon: +43 699 10 75 48 94

Staatlich geprüft. Enthusiastisch. Unterhaltsam. Informativ.

Certified Tourist Guide. Enthusiastic. Entertaining. Revealing.

Visites (dé)branchées.  Enthousiastes. Distrayantes. Informatives.